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Top 8 common ecommerce mistake for any online business

May 11, 2017

 Clients will always find something to complaint about, no matter how great your online website is. However, quite often it’s exactly ecommerce merchants who fail to consider their stores usability from a customer point of view. Here come mistakes that irritate people and make them leave your website.

There are many ecommerce store mistakes on your store such as : navigation, SEO, UX UI, checkout, etc. Yeah, Now i will share with you the biggest annoying mistakes.  as well as the best fixing tips for your online store.​​

1.Load Time

Customers always want your websites load in few seconds, which has something to do with a boring reload page. Say Goodbye to clients If your website fails on this ground.

Your website refreshes every time customers need to change the size or color of the product or add items to cart?. If customers really need to visit your website , it’s one case. But what if they have just clicked a link on-the-fly?

How to fix it?

  • Webpages reload every time shoppers add products to cart?  Use Magento 2 modules : One step checkout for your store, your store can more faster and faster.

  • Use Magento for your online store

2.Lack of a social presence

Your online store needs to be accessible across many platforms, including social media. An active social media presence on Facebook, instagram, google +, Twitter,  relevant to your niche allows you to connect with clients and promote engagement. You will improve your marketing efforts by sharing awesome content with your customers, as clients that find your content engaging are likely to pass it on to their own family and friends. You know? Social login play an important role in online business.

How to fix it?

Use Magento 2 modules Social login to make faster login and promote engagement

3.Poor Product Presentation

You know, image is worth a thousand words  such as fashion, food,.. store. Because pictures create the necessary buying mood and affect how people see themselves, they are unconsciously persuasive.

Clients see visual content first – before the description, stock or even price. Images and especially videos play the key role  in the ecommerce world where you may not try on the products.

Blurred, small or plain images that don’t create proper customer experience are doomed to fail.

How to fix this mistake?

  • You should show customers how they will look in your product

  • You should take quality photos

  • Use Magento modules for your ecommerce market

4.Search Issues

Customers  onsite search are have a higher buying intend. Customers always ready to purchase as quickly as possible. It is a great mistake if you are miss these customers.    

  • There are many online websites don’t support searching products by name and search for color variations or require the same product type query as the site uses.

How to fix it?

  • Analyze onsite search queries and build your searching strategy according to this analysis.

  • Make sure you included all necessary keywords, descriptions (like spring jacket), colors, sizes, etc. are included into the search feed.

  • Don’t forget about typos, misspellings, errors, abbreviations, etc.

  • Avoid blank pages. If the requested product isn’t available – suggest an alternative. You can use banner slider.



Nowadays,  mobile/table website is dominating the online worlds, many people buy products from their mobile/tablet, then, ecommerce moves like a fast wind.

Mobile shopping is very popular in this century, it must be convenient, comfortable to navigate  . You just get uncompetitive If you may not provide your users with an easy and intuitive shopping on small phone screens.

You should optimize your website more and more

6.Not Having a Blog

Your ecommerce website’s blog may be the central hub for marketing. For example,you can blog about youtube or facebook, instagram If you are posting videos or post product updates on youtube or facebook, instagram  .Moreover, you can link your updates back to the blog, if you post product updates on Twitter. And you may blog about your new products If you bring in  new products . If you are thinking of bringing in new products, preview them on your blog.

Also, you should use its blog to describe new product features, praise its shoppers, and then get feedback from shoppers.

7.Having only one shipping option .

In this online market, shipping is one of the biggest mistakes we see from  online busienss is relying on just one carrier to fulfill all their shipping needs. In actuality, each carrier provides unique perks.

Similarly, because shoppers have come to expect two-day or overnight shipping, it's important for online businesses to offer multiple shipping options.

8.Checkout Nightmare

Cart abandonment takes place when a payment process becomes too complicated and long. Poor checkout design is another mistake that merchants should take care of.

If you have unnecessary form fields. You may reduce their number to zero.You should not  hide shipping info till the last step, you should make it visible and clear.If you want your customers to create an account, you may offer a guest checkout.






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