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March 20, 2017

The most important factor of an ecommerce business is website which provide a link between e-retailers and customers. If you are looking a perfect solution to develop your ecommerce website,  Magento development company  should be the best choice for you.



Why choose Magento for Ecommerce website development?

Magento is an open-source platform, which is the world’s most-versatile and high-performance E-commerce platform. Unlike other platforms such as WordPress and Shopify, Magento is developed as a dedicated platform for ecommerce website, so that it has more wonderful features for your web-stores. Here are somes:

  • Full control: With Magento, you can control over both the front end and the back end of your site. You can easily customize your website as your wishes, from how it looks to what features it has.

  • SEO-friendly: Magento starts well indeed-decent URLs, meta tag control, site map, great template structure in the default themes, and even mobile friendly in the more recent versions. And if you want more, there are plenty of free and paid extensions you can grab to tweak every aspect of your site's SEO efforts and help you pick up the latest SEO trends.

  • Scalable: Magento is built to scale, it can easily support the needs of both small businesses and big enterprises. It provides unlimited scope for further growth and improvement. You can start with a single server, and expand as you need to - another web server here, a load balancer there, and without any need to rewrite code or plan for hours or days of downtime.

And many other features can help you to own a perfect website. If you are looking for a good platform to start an ecommerce business, Magento is the best for you.


How should you develop magento website?


In the beginning, a website built in Magento is a basic website. Magento website development is essential for you to meet your requirement and create the best online-shopping experience for your customers. A magento optimal website help you not only increases your sales but also build customer loyalty. So what factors you should pay attention to?


Extensions customization: Magento provide you various advanced-feature extensions for your website performance. However, you may have more specific requirement for your own webstore and you need to customize those extensions to make them completely suit your desires.






Magento website optimization: Website speed is one of the most important factors affecting customer experience and your site’s ranking in search engines. Several seconds delay may make your conversion rate reduce. Therefore, optimizing website performance should be one of your priority.

Beside site loading speed, checkout speed stands a vital part in increasing conversion too. Fortunately, Many Magento partners provide One Step Checkout extension like Magestore, Aheadwork, oSCommerce, etc.


Website design: Customers will see the interface of your website firstly when they access to your webstore. An attractive interface will help you to keep users on your site longer and increase your sales potential. Try to make your website as attractive and customer friendly as possible.


Magento website backup: To backup your magento database is another  important thing you need to know. Your website with database such as customers, orders, catalog, etc should be well protected from lost due to system breach, hackers or more. Make sure your website risk-free from database failure.




If you have good skills at technology and are knowledgeable about Magento, you can develop your website by yourself. If not, you can hire Magento developers to do it for you. With their experience in Magento, they will help you to develop your magento website meeting your requirements.


In a competitive ecommerce market today, a good website is one of your official competitive advantages.  Magento website development is not only essential but also a key to your ecommerce business success.


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