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How to install Magento 2 Modules in your store?

May 11, 2017


The modularity of Magento  always was the main reason for its success. Being able to install and update Magento 2 Modules on the fly changing the structure of your online store is also an essential part of Magento 2.

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Installing Magento 2 Extensions using Web Setup Wizard Please see below steps:

Step 1: Login to the Magento 2 Admin Panel

Step 2: Open Component Manager

Step 3:  Navigate to System -> Web Setup Wizard -> Component Manager

Step 4: In the list of components find extension you want to enable. Then press "Select" in "Actions" column and choose "Enable".

Step 5: If you see error like that, try to setup magento 2 cron job and resolve other issues

Step 6: If you haven't errors press next.

Step 7: After backup process is completed press button "Next"

Step 8: Now you are ready to final enable EXTENSION.IT takes some time. Please do not refresh page.



However,  if you got only zip-file with modules, and want to install it to your store, without using Magento Connect manager?

To install the modules we should copy its code to the Magento directory. Basically the “install” folder content should be copied to the app/code/  directory.

After that we can use 2 different methods to initialize  to the module in a store.


#Method 2

This method requires Cron tasks setup and proper running. In case it has not performed yet - do it.


So if everything is set up correctly, just follow the path in admin panel to initialize the modules:


Here you can enable all available modules: System/ Web Setup Wizard/ Component Manager.

In case Magento is setup properly, you will see a notification that all the system run correctly.

Further, before you enable the module, the Backup creation will be proposed. And finally we will see this screen. The module has been enabled.


#Method 3

This method is more acceptable for website administrators and requires access to the server bash shell. Get the list of commands by running: php bin/ magento.


This command checks all of the modules and launches schema installation or updating process immediately (if necessary).


With three way to install Magento 2 Modules above, I hope you will install successfully all of Modules by yourself.

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