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How to boost your conversion rate to the next level

March 19, 2017


You and your competitor both sell the same product at the same time. But you couldn’t figure out why their revenue and reputation are continually increasing while you’re still clueless. Actually, building an e-commerce site is quite easy, you just need to choose your suitable platform then put products into your store, write a description and sell them. But the hard work still hasn’t come until you customize your site to get the desired conversion rate. It’s cost so much time and effort to analyze what is the best for your website. And today, I’ll tell you 3 important factors helping you increase conversion rate.


1. Show your products exactly like in real life.


Firstly, you must provide your customer the best pictures as much as you can. People want to see exactly things they’re going to buy. Do you want to buy a suit that only is described through ugly, gray pictures and even they’re too low-quality so you couldn’t see details? You are not, so your customer neither. Try to portray your merchandise under different angles in appropriate light, make them zoomable, etc


Secondly, your description must be comprehensive, long enough to cover all features but have to be short enough to keep your customer reading them. A proper description will inspire customer, make them want to buy right now. Furthermore, you can add a video in order to bring information to your customers, because the world is changing to advertise through video in 2017


2. Consider about shipping fee


An E-tailing Group study shows that free shipping is the most influence factor which encourages customers to make a purchase. In another research, 93% of respondents indicated that free shipping on orders makes them buy more products. For instance, when 2BigFeet implements free shipping campaign, their conversions went up 50%. You know, regardless of the reason, a free shipping offer that saves $5.99 could be more appealing than a discount that cuts the purchase by $10. And if you intend to decrease the shipping fee to the lowest level? Believe me, free offer works better than that thousand times.


3. Things to do with process checkout


When a customer comes to your online store, pick some products and click “Add to shopping cart”, you might think your customer will make it through the entire checkout process. No, you’ve still got work to do, otherwise, high chances are you’ll have nothing left but abandoned shopping carts. These are top reasons why your customer abandon shopping cart

- The price is higher than competitors: if your product is the same or similar to what the competitors offer, people will choose depending on the price. If your price is undoubtedly cheapest, tell them. If it’s not, you must give them added value

- You charge them shipping fee: as above, I recommend you shouldn’t

- The hassle: If in order to buy your products, the customer must fill in a dozen forms and go through a dozen pages, then no one will buy anything on your site. Try to simplify everything, collect only necessary information, don’t force customer login, etc

- Your site loading time is terrible: optimize and speed up it!

- Furthermore, make your process check out as clear as possible. You better show your customer how many steps left, they will easily figure out what are they going to do and how much time they going to cost for this process.


Show the process of checking out help customers visualizing better


I think that’s enough for this week. Next time I’ll show you some other tips to enhance your conversion rate. If have any opinion or question, feel free to comment below!


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