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From trust to customer loyalty: The key to success in E-commerce era

Customer loyalty is a sound basis for sustainable development of any business and  of course, ecommerce is not an exception. In ecommerce era when competition is never more than a click away, building customer loyalty is not easy. Free shipping, rewards programs or membership bonuses seem to be differential to attract and keep customers. However, it is not enough to build a long-term relationship. The road to customer loyalty should be built on trust.

Online-buying customers tend to have doubts about many things: quality of products, checkout,... all they think that it would be risk for them. Companies who can manage risks well for their customers will create a great foundation for customers loyalty. Here are some tips for you:

1. Make it easy for customers experience


When buying any product, people often want to see, try and feel it before they make decision whether buy or not. Unlike traditional stores where people can easily do those things, online stores do not give them those experiences. This results in uncertainty in ecommerce. Now, your mission is to find the way mitigating that uncertainty for customers.

A tip is having a web chat facility live on your site with a fully staffed team of product experts who are available on phone so that customers can have their questions clarified and their doubts resolved. This seems be a relatively simple thing to implement but a great way of fostering trust and giving potential customers the impression that you are a reliable company. You can also give customer new ways to interact with products online such as 3-D real pictures of product or somethings like Facebook 360, which allows customers see products from all angles.

Besides, the services after customers buy should be cared. A money-back guarantee or easily free-of-charge returning seems be good choices for you, which lets customers know that they could change their mind if they are not satisfied with products so that they can feel completely secure after their click to buy.


2. Customer personalization


People feel more comfortable when their personality is appreciated. So try to make online shopping experience ‘personalization’ for each customer.



Technology has made it easy to gather information about your customers. Use this data efficiently to track your customers’ preferences in order to continue the conversation you had with them during their last transaction as well as offer suggestions for future purchases based on their current and past search history. It does not have to be a special promotion, just simply and friendly with your customers and most importance is making highly personalized communications.


3. Product transparency


As online products can not be touched, customers need more detail information about products. All product information on features, sizes, pricing and more should be showed for customers by a click.

Moreover, most of customers’ buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. For online retailers, a fair and unbiased review system can serve to build enormous loyalty among shoppers.

Provide extensive customer reviews of the product you are selling on the product’s landing page, which may includes tutorials, videos, and any key information your customers may need in order to purchase your products. You should share all reviews including the reviews that are not good for you, do not remove them. This generates trust, first and foremost. Don’t worry about that the malicious reviews may make you get worse in customer eyes because your customers are smart enough to know which the right reviews are. Keep in mind that a poor product transparency is one of big mistakes you must avoid.


Final thought


The key to long-term success in ecommerce era is customer loyalty built on trust. Even you are planning for a start-up in ecommerce or you have been in ecommerce business, keep this in mind and transfer them to your action for development. Don’t take loyal active customers for granted, they are key factor of your ecommerce business.


Nowadays, the development of technology supports you more in ecommerce business including tools for you to increase your customer loyalty. Some platforms building ecommerce website provide you many extensions to take care of your customers. And if your website is built on Magento - one of the best platform to build ecommerce website at the present, you are holding a great tool for your business. Magento has many excellent extensions that powerfully support above things to build customer loyalty for you.


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