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Choose the best domain and hosting for your e-commerce website

March 19, 2017

When you decide to create your own e-commerce website and customize them, you’ll have to implement an important step: choose a domain and hosting service for your website. Let me explain a little about domain and hosting before walking you through this step-by-step guide.



Host is a place that contains your website data as a house that contains your bed, desk, sofa etc. and domain is the address of the house, it makes people easier when they’re looking for your house., are domains. When people enter your domain into address bar, computers immediately go to your host and bring back computer screen things that they require. It’s exactly like your friend said to an uber drive “Can you bring me to Brent’s house, It’s Washington, DC 22202”, then he took your friend to the place where they can see your house and its furniture inside. If you're using self-hosting platform like Magento or WooCommerce, this article is for you, otherwise if you're using Shopify then you don't need read this. Still have no idea about choosing platform? read this article.


1. How to choose domain


These are some tips and tricks helping you to choose a good domain:

- The domain should contain your brand, or your product: the shorter, the better.

- Domain should be easy to write and remember

- Avoid special letter like -, @, *

- Add location in your domain if you’re targeting specific market. For instance,

- Suffix: if your website doesn’t serve for special purpose, .com is the most popular suffix, less general ones are .net or .info, .edu is for education purpose and .gov is for government organization.


There are many domain providers in the world but I highly recommend GoDaddy and 1and1 because of their reputation. Furthermore, these two providers usually offer huge discount every few months, especially if you’re buying for the first time. Buying a domain is quite simple, I’ll show you the process of buying domain in GoDaddy.


Step 1: Go to or

Step 2: type your desired domain in search box, if it’s available, you’ll be moved to next page where you can choose the suffix (.com, .net or .info with other prices). After choosing suitable domain, click “Continue to Cart”

Step 3: In next page, you’ll choose other services like Creat Email or Protect Information. You should remove all of them in order to minimize unnecessary fees. Then next and Checkout

Step 4: If you’ve already had an account, just need to log in. otherwise, you’ll need to create a new account, fill your personal and payment information and Checkout. You should pay through PayPal account in order to prevent the unexpected charge via credit card.


2. Hosting Services


As above, a host is a place that contains every data of your website, so choosing a good hosting service is like choosing right land to build your house. There are 4 popular kinds of host which you can choose:


- Free hosting: The only advantages is zero cost. But instead, almost free hosting only provide low-quality resources, the speed is very slow and server is bad in security. Furthermore, some providers force you to put their ads on your website. You should only use this kind of service for experiment purpose.

- Shared hosting: With fee is about $2 - $12 per month, you’ll have a good shared hosting package with private control panel: Easy to use, good support, and affordable. But shared host packages usually limit resources, and security level is just medium. This kind of hosting will be compatible with medium and small website. If you’re newbie, this is the best choice for you.

- Virtual Private Server - VPS: because you're using a private server, so you won’t be affected by other websites. Thus this leads to high speed, good security and can be customized easily. But on the other hand, you’ll need medium knowledge about network management, the cost is very expensive, about $45 to $100 per month.

- Dedicated Server: this is the most quality service, it’s likely VPS, you’ll have more resources, huge data access and better security. But the price is very expensive, hard to master and you must be responsibility for your data (no backup mode unless you install it)


StableHost is the most popular Shared hosting provider


In this article, I only list prestigious hosting provider of each kind. I’ll write another article about “How to choose suitable services and how to connect hosting with domain” later because of the comlex of setting up and connecting between domain and host. See you later.


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