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March 19, 2017

It has never been easy to run ecommerce business, especially when it is your first time to launch an online store. whether you are looking to upgrade your current ecommerce business or just starting one, learning from mistakes is one of the best ways to improve your  business. Below are some big mistakes you should note to avoid:

1. No search engine optimization strategy


If you think that “launching it and customers will come”, you are wrong. Keep in mind that your online store is just one among many ecommerce websites on the internet. Building the most beautiful site and filling it with great products are essential but  not enough to create customers awareness of you. If your site isn’t showing up when people are searching for your products, everything else is secondary. Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential if you want to outscore your competitors and increase your sales. Besides, try to pick up the latest SEO strategies in e-commerce for more effective.


2. Not maximizing social media

Search engine is the tool people use firstly and social networking site is their second choice for getting more information before buying.  If you have no presence on social media, it will be a shortage in your ecommerce business. Maximizing social media will help you to increase customers through creating brand awareness and building a loyal social media community.


3. Complicated checkout process


Checkout process is one of the most important factors in e-commerce. After a purchasing decision has been made, the customer wants to make their checkout quickly and with as few clicks as possible. If this process is complicated, the customers may feel difficult and time-wasting, and then they will not want to shop on your website later. Therefore, try to make the final purchasing steps simple, user-friendly and non-distracting. If possible, keep your checkout process to one screen.



4. Poor image


When people buy online, they can’t touch, try or smell the products. Therefore images are the main resource used to inspect the product. However, many ecommerce brands provide images that do not help customer imagine the product, even display oversized, uncreative photos in pursuit of making the page seem more visually engaging, but it actually does the opposite. Therefore, make sure to offer best product images, preferably from multiple angles. If the product comes in many different colors, make sure to include pictures of those options as well, or at least switch the color of your existing images. Let users zoom in on the image and have a full-screen sized photo when they click on it.


5. Poor product descriptions


If images help the customers to imagine the products, the description provides them more details which they depend on to make most buying decisions. Ecommerce users prefer in-depth descriptions, customer reviews and ratings. However, many online stores use only manufacturer’s descriptions which do not make them different from other competitors. So, it’s crucial to ensure that each item is packed with valuable information in your ways and multiple ways to digest it. Engaging and informative descriptions show your customers how your product will solve their problems and why it’s worth buying.


Those are 5 critical mistakes you should keep in mind to avoid. If you are going to start an ecommerce business, awaring those mistakes will help you get better preparation. And if you are running one, you should check your business with those mistakes to approve.


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