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If you are looking for a feature-rich and professional open source e-commerce platform for your online store, Magento will definitely the first name that strikes the head. In this article, I will show you top 6 impressive features of a Magento website that make you satisfied. As you know, Magento is the ultimate e-commerce solution that offers flexibility, functionality and great user experience on your site.  There are a variety of tools that can help you in making an e-commerce website and with Magento, the platform will bring it all for you. This approach to programming is mirrored in the way you will develop themes for your store.

Moreover, the latest version Magento 2 has elaborated the shopping and admin features making it more user-friendly. These are 6 impressive features that an e-commerce website development company can benefit. Let's take a look:

1, Open Source Platform

Firstly, Magento is an open-source eCommerce development platform, so merchants can access added features by installing extensions and themes from the huge Magento Connect marketplace. It is also the most favorited e-commerce platform by most by the companies providing web application development services. According to a research recently, more than 80% eCommerce websites are based on Magento CMS and are performing world-class when it comes to generating the revenue.

2, Optimized for SEO

The second feature is that Magento comes with built-in SEO tools that help search engines crawl the website pages and automatically improve its ranking on the search result pages. Magento 2.0 is competitively packed with powerful SEO features that allow merchants to increase traffic to their websites and product pages.

3, Internationalization support

I can not mention the outstanding feature of Magento is that there is a large community of Magento users. It is one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the world so if you have any problems, your website can receive support very quickly because there are countless resources to solve problems. In addition, the large community has inspired to develop many extensions and plugins. Support for localization, multiple currencies, and tax rates. Support for accented characters and right to left text. Configurable list of allowed countries for certain features. European Union VAT-ID validation, EU cookie notification,... 

4, It provides a large number of impressive features 

Next, Magento has a wide range of features which allows us to manage multiple stores and support multiple locations, multiple language, multiple pricing and multiple currencies and it is considered as one of the most impressive features of a Magento website. Compare Magento to other e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, it stands out with its abundance of features. For instance, with the help of Magento, you can vary your price of the specific product depending upon the group of customers. You can fix a different price for your staff as well as a different price for VIPs.

5, Quick Checkout With One Step Checkout Extension

Thank this extension, the checkout process has become much simpler and faster. Fewer steps for your customer to modify means they will more likely complete the full checkout process. It expands all checkout steps and displays them on one page so that your customers know in advance what fields they would have to fill out. This increases trust and significantly reduces cart abandonment. Quick Checkout system allows users to easily checkout without any hesitation. There are many different admin options available so you can modify the checkout process to fit your needs.

6, Magento app development

Magento was responsive on different types such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It consists of two parts: a Magento web store with an XMLConnect extension installed and configured, and a native application itself. The Magento platform invariably integrates with mobile app giving the shoppers the best experience for shopping anytime from anywhere.

In conclusion, with top 6 impressive features of a Magento website that I mentioned above, it is not surprised that Magento have become the most popular and most-liked e-commerce platform. 


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